367. How do I search jobs?

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Searching for jobs published by sponsors is straight forward.

Visit the jobs home page here and browse.

Or select a category that shows a number to the right indicating that their is a business member job post available.

You can also select a category and view some of the aggregate listed of jobs.

These are indexed jobs from other job sites and are not validated by MnWorks.Net but offer additional references for your job search.

Follow these simple steps from the Job Search menu.

  1. Click the job search link to view our list of business member offerings.
  2. Click a category to start your industry category keyword search.
  3. Add Keywords to filter your search. It's a Match All, Any Order search.
  4. Add your City to narrow the distance.

The process is designed on a typical job seeker searching 2 to 3 times per day.

It should not take you more than 5 minutes each visit.

You can increase your search by viewing or following the MnWorks.Net Twitter, Google + and Facebook streams.
This is primarily designed for hiring companies but jobs are posted as well.

You will often find nothing in your search results. This is because we do our best to remove any and all closed job postings.
Once a job has reached it's closing date the next view shuts the job details page down.

That really puts the hammer down on those sites that claim to have thousands and even millions of jobs when all you need is one.

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