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 Real Estate Appraisal Manager

  ChadChad is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Managed a national residential real estate valuation department with over 100 remote team members which is focused on appraisal quality control and support for collateral related escalations. Exceptionally driven to succeed.

Location:  Forest Lake ,  US.

Updated / Searched :  Tue, Aug 14th 2018

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Tag:  RealEstate

Category:  Real Estate

Chad uses search words:   real estate appraiser appraisal

 VP Real Estate Appraisal Operations

  TerriTerri is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Manage real estate/appraisal departments for offices/personnel in Faribault, New Ulm, Olivia, Fairmont managing broker for Faribault office management team member oversee marketing efforts for company develop policies/procedures.....

Location:  Northfield ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Mar 19th 2018

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Tag:  MNLandResource

Category:  Real Estate

Terri uses search words:   real estate vice president broker

 Property Manager CPO

  MeganjuneMeganjune is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Hardworking, ethical, self-driven individual with positive outlook and up-beat disposition.

Location:  Stacy ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Nov 13th 2017

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Tag:  mjfleming

Category:  Real Estate

Meganjune uses search words:   real estate apartment property

 Land Acquisition Advisor Residential Construction Real Estate

  DanielDaniel is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Member of the Leadership Team, accountable for analysis of all potential land deals. Direct responsibility for crafting compelling underwriting materials including detailed competitive analysis, market study and financial models for corporate presentation

Location:  Mendota Heights ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Tue, Jan 3rd 2017

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Tag:  analysis

Category:  Real Estate

Daniel uses search words:   real estate analysis

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