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  • Post your job announcement.
  • Upload your company logo, banner work related images.
  • Upload documents you wish to share with candidates.
  • Upload a short video introduction to your company if you have one.
  • Make your subscription payment based on the length of time you would like your job announcement published.

Subscription plans are listed below with payment links to PayPal Inc.

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Business 30 days of publishing

$19.00 Monthly

  • Publish Unlimited Job Announcements for 30 days
  • Unlimited Job Candidate Lookups life of membership
  • Unlimited Resume Downloads
  • DIY HR for the Life of your Account*
  • Add Images, Documents or a Video.
  • All Apps & Features included.
  • Pay only for the time you need.
  • Add to our company pages
  • Features list

Business 90 days of publishing

$49.00 Quarterly

  • Publish Unlimited Job Announcements for 90 days
  • Unlimited Job Candidate Lookups life of membership
  • Unlimited Resume Downloads
  • DIY HR for the Life of your Account*
  • Add Images, Documents or a Video.
  • All Apps & Features included.
  • Pay only for the time you need.
  • Added to our company pages
  • Features list

Business 365 days of publishing

$95.00 Yearly

  • Publish Unlimited Job Announcements for 1 year
  • Unlimited Job Candidate Lookups life of membership
  • Unlimited Resume Downloads
  • DIY HR for the Life of your Account*
  • Add Images, Documents or a Video
  • All Apps & Features included
  • Pay only for the time you need
  • Added to our company pages
  • Optional email address ($25.00 yr)
  • Optional API to embed your jobs in your web site. ($39.00 One Time)
  • Features list

What makes MnWorks.Net different from other job boards?

Post your job announcement and let's find the people you need for your business.

MnWorks.Net is Pro-Active with our members.
We send reminders, updates, job leads, posting updates, suggestions and tips. Many of which are manually created and not scripted.
Every Job Announcement posted is reviewed for job matches in cross categories and keywords.
We will send out job alerts to our job seekers if we see the slightest match.

MnWork.Net Job Board Services

Some features are only accessible by members. Sign In to use additional features.

When you become a paid member you gain access to member resumes and contact details.

Feature Description Option
Branding Your Company Logo and Profile picture
Posting / Publishing Publish all of your Job Announcements for the time you selected. We do not charge a "Per Post", "Per Click" or "Positioned at Top" fee.
Edit and Review We give a second glance over every post to spot errors.
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Your posts are ready for search indexing. From your posting title to your keyword selection. We submit every post via sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.
Search area mapping We create driving maps between your business and our job seekers. This way both members can see just how far of a commute to expect. Map, Drive, distance, route, time calculation
Picture uploads You can and are encouraged to upload work space images, equipment, your employees at work or any work related pictures. This gives a more human feel to what your new candidate can expect to see.
Video uploads You can upload a short video about your company, your hiring process or about the work. Give a walk-through of your business, warehouse or factory.
Contact Information We offer several methods to job seekers that are interested in your posting. Your phone number, email, business address. You can specify how you would like the first contact to be in your post. We also have a new 1 click apply feature that will send you a short email with the job candidates information.
Resume & Document download Search for Candidates as long as you have your account in good standings with us. No extra fees. When you publish your job announcement for at least 30 days you are given access to our job candidates for the life of your account. Spamming, Downloading out of category or large numbers of resumes with the intent to sell, distribute, package as a promotional item for your company, reselling or republishing are not permitted.
Social Media Integration We publish announcements to our social media friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow, like or just visit when you would like. Each post placed online with us is also published to Twitter and Facebook.
Search Words and Candidate Matching We narrow down your search by adding categories specific to your job post. Then we use Keywords and Geographical location if applicable, this will match candidates to your job. We then place them in order of activity and posting date so each search returns our newest posts and most active job seekers first.
Category suggestions At any time you feel we need to add additional categories we will. Simply email us your suggestion. Be sure to use our Sub-Category as your example during your post editing.
Tagging Tag words are used for search via Twitter, select industry related words to gain the most exposure in social media.
SEO Management Every page has focus on SEO (Search Engine Opptimiztion). From the title of your page to your keywords and index. It is important to have near perfect SEO posts. We review and update your post for best results. You don't need to know anything about SEO because we will do it all for you!
Geographical Coverage We focus on local search methods, state, city, are how we narrow the search. If you are posting for national jobs where a person is expected to either relocate or travel simply select US as your state and your headquarters city, zip.
Most Recent Post Matching When you post your job offering we publish the top 25 to 50 job seekers in your selected category directly to your posting page. This makes it easy for you to view our job candidates.
Mobile Friendly with Responsive Screens Our website is designed to work with all modern mobile devices and all modern supported browsers.
Email Notifications We offer standard email notifications when others are trying to reach you. If you use our onsite communications a copy is saved to your profile message center.
Company page We build you a simple yet effective company page. This page offers a simple contact box, your active job postings an if you would like to add content we will add what you send to us.
Candidates One Click Apply Simple format email application to reduce your reading and searching time. Members work experience and link to their resume is sent directly to your inbox.
Employers One Click Contact Similar to our Job Candidates One Click Apply we have our Job Seekers Alert button which can be used to alert your selected job seekers to your posted job. Look for other quick and painless methods of contacting job candidates once you sign in.
Private Email account If you would like to use our email server for your job post we would be glad to setup your account. Your business email will recieve notification when you have email. You can setup your email account using any local email client or use our secure online webmail.
Job Announcement API Embed your Job Announcements back to your company website. If you have a company website and would like for us to setup your employment page that will post your active jobs we will be happy to help.

Our focus is on Jobs and Job Seekers, not on Jobs as an Industry. has been online for 25 years and our plan is to be online for many more decades to come. We are always developing new apps, programs and methods to help you and your HR department.

Company pages remain online for as long as you would like. email addresses are available to 3 and 12 month paid members. This can be a forwarding email used as your public account to your current email account or it can be used as your staff single login account for all your HR needs


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