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Why use more than one Job Board?

You just lost your job.
You completed your unemployment filings with the state.
Now you need to start posting your resume to get maximum exposure.

There is not one single online place that covers it all.
From Craigslist to Scraper sites like Indeed.
From Monster to Career builder.
You'll find over 1,500 affiliate marketing sites for the Beyond.Com network of job boards.
You'll also find local state sites, blue collar, labor, temp and executive sites online.
So what site best fits your needs?
It will be the site that has more employers the hire people like you.
Learn more in the ongoing "Job Board Site Search".

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Budgeting during your times of unemployment or budgeting during your employment days, it's all very important to keep a budget so you know how you stand financially.
I have used a workbook that I created in Excel for years. Now I'm moving the formula's and code online to share with more than just a few people. I still have work to do but the data collected is only for you to see and use. It's associated to your login and is only for you to manage your living percentages better. No real details are needed, just numbers and categories. You can always remove the entries and your account.

Try it and tell me what you think.


We veterans never ask for a handout and we all are proud of that.
We do often ask if companies offer any special services for those that have served our country. This may range from MOS to Civilian job description and decoding to slight discounts at our neighborhood stores. You don't know until you ask. I personally never asked for anything until just this year when I learned my box home improvement store offers us 10% off. I have since found 5 other stores that can help us as we look for work.

Always ask the question, "Do you offer discounts to Veterans"? You will find many do. I tell them what I made per hour and I haven't had anyone complain about not getting a discount like we do. Making $1.26 per hour (24/7 On Call) tends to tell people 10% now is really simply saying "Thank You for your Service".


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