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Plant Health Specialist II - Project Coordinator

Developed improved program infrastructure for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of a new early detection agricultural survey, placing emphasis on participant communications, messaging, and stakeholder awareness of the survey and its new and emerging pest findings

Government | Military... Agriculture  St. Paul Minnesota 55103

Easement Acquistion Specialistt

  • Char Char
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  • Fri, Apr 24th 2020

Landowners who offer the state a conservation easement receive a payment to stop cropping the land. This easement is recorded on the land title with the county recorder and transfers with the land when the parcel is sold.

Government | Military... Conservation  Saint Paul Minnesota 55130

Metropolitan State University with a Bachelors in Marketing

Recent graduate with prior experience in a number of fields. Strong worker who recently graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelors in Marketing. Maintained a 3.5 gpa while working and going to school full-time, while still spending time

Government | Military... FRA  Coon Rapids United States of America 55448

911 operator dispatcher

Answer 911 calls and non-emergency calls dispatch law enforcement, ambulance, fire departments as needed provide pre-and post-arrival instruction in medical emergencies deescalate violent situations enter, confirm and add info into various databases.

Government | Military... law enforcement support  New Richmond United States of America 54017

Psychological Operations Specialist

Primarily responsible for the analysis, development, and distribution of intelligence used for information, influence operations and strategic communication.

Government | Military... operations  Minneapolis Minnesota 55079

Wildland Firefighter Dispatcher and Trainer

  • Devery Devery
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  • Tue, Jan 10th 2017

Trained to NWCG National Wildfire Coordination Group Standards. Engine Boss, Tracked Vehicle operator, Faller 2, Ignitions Trained, Expanded Dispatch support dispatcher, and Trainer.

Government | Military... Firefighter  Isanti Minnesota 55040

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