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Amazon prime shopper

  • Sarah Sarah
  • Thu, May 28th 2020

Order fulfillment, bag staging for delivery drivers to pick up, receiving inventory, and stocking shelves.

Internet Based Shopping  Minneapolis Minnesota 55114

Online Customer Service

Staff chat line. Read incoming chat. Determine order number, past incident numbers, other numbers. Determine facts, actions, dates, times. Prompt system if mistakes /delays. Tell customers status, solutions. Check customer satisfaction. Document.

Internet Based Retail chatline  St Paul United States of America 55104

Front End Web Developer

  • Toby Toby
  • Mon, Feb 27th 2017

Motivated, creative and adaptable interaction developer with 15 years of experience and a keen interest in UX/UI design. Looking forward to gaining more experience in the M.E.A.N. stack specifically MV libraries.

Internet Based Web Development  Saint Paul Minnesota 55106

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