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Kitchen Professional

  • JD JD
  • Thu, Apr 28th 2022

Hospitality Operator, Creative Force and Team Leader

Restaurant | Food Service... Hospitality  Minneapolis Minnesota 55417

Executive Chef and Culinary Director

  • JD JD
  • Thu, Apr 28th 2022

I have over thirty years of professional hospitality experience in Twin Cities area restaurant kitchens, majority of which have been in ownership or leadership roles. I have strong ties to local charitable organizations and restaurant operations.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Minneapolis Minnesota 55417

Bar Manager

Bar Manager of Broadstreet Bar & Grill in Prescott, WI

Restaurant | Food Service...   Hastings Minnesota 55033

Catering and Food Service

  • Judy Judy
  • Mon, Jul 5th 2021

I have worked in the catering field for ten years at the same company.

Restaurant | Food Service... Catering  Northfield Minnesota 55057


  • Cindy Cindy
  • Sun, Jul 4th 2021

Customer service, take food orders, recommend, and describe food and beverage items.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Moundsview Minnesota 55112


  • Judy Judy
  • Mon, Jul 5th 2021

I have been in a catering position for 10 years at a local college. I have worked for a local college in the catering department, catering to all the typical college events, such as graduations,reunions and general banquets.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Northfield Minnesota 55057

Server at Cracked Barrel Winery

Ensured quality customer service. Introduced first time customers to our product while up selling bottles of wine.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Stillwater Minnesota 55082

Bartender Manager

Manager of the Bar, Bartend, Bar Inventory, Create Cocktail Menu also Serve Tables beside the bar.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Shafer Minnesota 55074

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