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Kitchen Manager

  • Karla Karla
  • Sun, May 14th 2023

Plan menus, track inventory, order inventory. Maintain cleanliness. Direct staff. Check with patrons on quality of meals.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Superior Wisconsin 54880

General manager

I took care of day to day operations such as schedules, inventory, orders, customer service, employees, and set up our POS system.

Restaurant | Food Service...   Danbury Wisconsin 54830

Food Court Crew Member

Crew member at the Park Student Union Dining on the University of Arizona campus. I ensure quality customer service by performing a wide range of duties that involve preparing and serving food and drinks in a variety of food service environments.

Restaurant | Food Service... University of Arizona  Tucson Arizona 85719

McDonalds Crew Member

Worked to provide excellent customer service and performed a number of duties such as operating a cash register, running the drive-thru, cooking food, and cleaning the restaurant.

Restaurant | Food Service... Fast Food  Peoria Arizona 85345

Bartender specialty drinks

  • Launie Launie
  • Resume (1)
  • Tue, Apr 25th 2017

I have vast experience behind the bar. Ranging from beer service to high-end cocktails and dessert drinks. Responsible for maintaining customer service,

Restaurant | Food Service... Bar  Prescott Wisconsin 54021

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