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Create your membership by selecting Employer from the dropdown menu in the registration page.

After you logon, follow the link to your main account profile page. 

You will find the link to add, edit, remove, hide and delete your posts in that page.

First, create your account and login.

FAQ No. 1.27.1    

When you're asked, "What do you do" some of us give a generic title and a location as our response.

We expect you to give details of the work you did or currently do.
We need to be able to measure your work experience by time, training, testing, etc which you should clearly state in your post.

Cashier, you handle money, greet and assist customers and follow up with any concerns or questions your customer may have.
Your experience level is the length of time you have worked this position.
Your work experience covers, Customer Service, Money handling, Service Quality inquiry.

If you worked many different roles within the same company then you most likely have more experience categories you can fill.

Baker, you would prep, bake, box and manage the display cases, answer questions and take orders from customers just to name a few.
That would make your work experience, Food handling, Baker, Customer Service.

Welder, you may have had training on Arc, Tig and Mig and certifications in types of welding. Each is Welding but under different conditions you might have different types of welding, manufacturing, repair, construction if your welding falls under different conditions select the category and list the type of welding along with the conditions you worked in. (Not talking about dirty or clean talking about assembly line, on-site field, etc.

Auto Mechanic, Let's say you specialize in engine tune ups but you also change oil and lubricate vehicles. You may have certifications in AC as well as electrical but also do engine replacement. Each is different experience but all under the same category.
So list all your experience in one post starting with your strongest or most desired work experience.

Medical Office, listing experience you have gained from working in any type of office you often overlook the basics.
Word processing programs (aka Microsoft Office) can be from Word to Access Db and Excel formula's. Be sure to list your office skills, typing speeds, accuracy, etc. Think about what you do each day and take a one week segment.
Now details what you do from the time you walk into work to the time you leave.
Narrow down all the tasks you do that require special skills, experience, training or education and list them.
Place in order of what you like doing first and then describe that task and experience.

The key is to know what you do best and to place that information clearly into your job work experience post.

We want employers to be able to glance over your title and short description in under 5 seconds (under 250 characters) to get a good idea of your skill set and work experience. Then they will click on the details link to be able to read more about you and to download your resume if they are a subscribing member.

Listing work experience will also give you the opportunity to review your resume and update it accordingly.
Don't worry about the length for now, many of us have started off with 10 page resumes and narrowed it down to just 1 or 2 pages.
Depending on who you interview with some want a simple one page summary while others would like to see details, training, certifications, classes and more. Be ready to offer both types at any time.

Be sure to put the effort into your future and not skip over details.
Your job search starts from you, don't expect someone to give you a job without you first putting in allot of effort to land that job.

MnWorks.Net will help those that are willing to help themselves.

Don't be lazy or feel you need to get it done in one attempt.
Some very detailed posts go online in under 10 minutes where others may take hours to complete.

The internet will be here in the morning, start your postings, edit and upload your resume and review it every day for a week.
Add missing items and make it read better.
Remember, HR people and hiring managers typically browse over the "Title and Summary description" so make your first few lines attract their attention so they look for your resume.

If you need help writing or creating your resume find a work center in your area or a family member, friend, etc.

FAQ No. 2.339.1    

How to add work experience and upload your resume.

  1. Post at least one work experience announcement.
  2. When you return to the accounts page refresh it.
  3. Upload your resume

If you do not successfully post a work experience post your resume will not be linked to anything and the option to upload will not be available. 

If you simply upload your resume without creating a good work experience post you're expecting hiring companies to download your resume blindly which will never happen. You must sell your experience which is why work experience is required before you can upload your resume for additional information.




FAQ No. 3.6.1    

Follow the "Register" link from the top of the page.

  1. Read the Terms of Service.
  2. If you are a business please read the Paid Membership plans
  3. Follow the video below or the printed instructions.

  • Enter your Email
  • Enter your first name
  • Enter your last Name
  • Enter your business name if you are registering as a business or as a recruiter.
  • Enter your City
  • Select your State
  • Enter your phone number
  • Select your membership type
  • Answer the math question
  • Enter the captcha numbers
  • Click the box next to Terms and Conditions after you have read them.
  • Click the Register Button

You will receive an email with your temporary password in just a few seconds to minutes after you click the submit button.






FAQ No. 4.14.1    

Free for Job Seekers / Unemployed / Under-employed.
And those looking for a better way to make ends meet.

The site is free as it should be related to Internet Standards. 

You can browse and interact with the site as thousands have done for years. 

Business memberships and Subscriptions are required to publish jobs and to collect candidate resumes.

If you are a business looking to post a job take a look at the subscription page.






FAQ No. 5.104.1    

Create your membership by selecting employer or staffing.

When you sign in you should see a link to your main account page. (Start Here >> Account)

Near the top there is also a My Posts” link that will take you to the posting page.

The My Posts page has 4 tabs. 

  1. Add Job Announcement
  2. Upload Documents
  3. Profile Picture
  4. Manage and Edit Posts.

Start with the first tab Add Job Announcement” button is in that section. 

If you have a company logo about 220px wide you can use the Profile Picture upload. 

If you have any documents you need to share you can upload them as well here. 

Posting your job announcement takes only a few short minutes if you have everything ready to go. 

Follow the video to learn what is needed to complete your job post at MnWorks.Net. 

Text version: 

  1. Sign in / Logon
  2. Go to your Profile or Account Page.
  3. Click on "My Postings"
  4. Click the Post button.
  5. Complete all form fields.
  6. Submit the form.
  7. Verify that you see the 100% complete or click back and add missing information.
  8. Click the "My Posting" link then "View, Edit, Delete" button to make changes.

The video is 4:53 minutes which includes the sign on process. 

Typical posting time if you are prepared and ready to type your post is about 4 minutes.
Basically no time at all comparing to the typical interview time. 

Note: In the video it shows a gif image being uploaded for the company logo.
The actual method would be to use a jpg image file named as your account number and or first name.  

FAQ No. 6.12.1    

No, MnWorks.Net does not collect company tax information.
We do not collect or report data with any Equal Opportunity Employment reporting systems.
We do not collect any Social Security Numbers or unemployment data.
We are not part of your Federal and State unemployment compensation program.

FAQ No. 7.601.1    

The email world is fast, in fact most of our measured tests and actually statistics show it takes just under 3 seconds for you to receive an email from MnWorks.Net.

If you didn't receive an email from MnWorks.Net with your temporary password and it's been about 5 minutes try using a different email address.

Example: If you're using the University of Minnesota's address try using Gmail or Hotmail if after 60 seconds you do not see an email from us. The schools Spam filters are set very high and may block many domains and other email servers like MnWorks.Net.

If you can use Gmail or Hotmail to create your account and not the domain email address you would like then follow the following step.

1. Contact your IT department and have them put the domain name in their white-list.

If you have any other questions and it's email related please do not send your question using your the email you have currently using, most likely you'll never see a reply from MnWorks.Net if it's blocking the email server now.

Use Gmail or Hotmail as an alternet email address.

FAQ No. 8.16.1    

Sign in with your account email address.

Click on the "My Posts" or "My Account" links.

Look for the link "Cancel Account" located in the side menu column bottom part.

Click and follow the instructions.

It is really simple, the classic two links confirming your account cancellation..


Keywords for this FAQ: Cancel, Delete, Remove, Account, Say Bye Bye, Found Job, Working, Retired.
When you're back working or not looking for work please cancel your account.
You can always make another account if needed.
Hope you found what you are looking for and I'm glad to see you go for all the right reasons!
Thanks for canceling your account.

FAQ No. 9.17.1    

The major cause of not being able to sign in is the fact you never received the temporary password from us.

  • Reason: Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
  • Typing error with email
  • Bad domain or host

Any number of issues can prevent our email server from reaching yours.

Because our email servers have been hosted by us, managed by us and service by us since 1996 we can say "We know our stuff" when it comes to exchange services and email.

So when you send a note and you don't hear back from us, check the junk mail box, spam mail settings and your ISP filters from Greylisting to SPF validation. (We use them all as well without issues)

Some ISP and server administrators are new and often do not set custom rules.

MnWorks.Net is now 17 years and has seen 4 different server hardware and software setups that have been tested by us and by you day in and day out 24/7.

Part of the duties of server management is to read every email that comes in.
Your email is very important and that is why everyone gets a reply email. Except the Spam and Junk mailers.

If you have questions about not getting your email send a note and list a secondary email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail so at least we can reply.

(Those that run Greylists and have been contacted by me should learn to flag, whitelist, create rules and validate that your SPF tests are of standards.)

Example of email that is not going to make it.

Delivery for to has completed (Bounced)

When a report shows "Bounced" and the cause is generic please do not use the same email to contact me about you not getting the email.

Use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail to ask if your email was bounced.

FAQ No. 10.9.1    


Review and Email Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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