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The store managers right hand. In charge of leading staff manners, train new staff members, open and close the store, paperwork, computer work, customer service, inventory, shipment, floor changes, filling, cleaning, and marking out damages.


The store manager and me always worked side but side in every day things from how the day was planned out to what each person would do during their shift. I would count each register before opening it for the day and go through all emails received. Write down all things that needed to be done that day and assign them to people that were working that day. Go to the bank and drop off money and pick up money for the day and then finish opening the store before unloading the doors. Take care of every customer that walks through the doors. Complete any tasks for that day and keep in touch with corporate and the store manager when they are not in the store. As it gets closer to store close, stop any projects and write down where you're leaving off so you our the next person can pick it up in the same spot then start to pick up any messes and put things away. Clean vacuum, wash windows, empty garbages and take it too the dumpster. Cunt down the register and close them out. Send off all needed emails and enter everything into the computer and write on the closing paperwork. sign off on all paperwork for the day. Punch out and get your things then set the alarm and drop the deposit off at the bank before going home.


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  • Date: November 1 2017
  • Location: Monticello, MN

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