How to post your work experience to more than one state in the USA?
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Summary at a Glance
Many of us have traveled for work and many of us are willing to relocate for work. When you need to publish your work experience to all states follow these simple guides to get yourself listed in our maps.

Your sign up membership profile should show your current City, State and Zip.

You may change the city, state and zip for each of your work experience posts to better match what you are looking for.

Example: If you woked in District of Columbia and live in Minnesota you can list your work experience as City = District of Columbia Zip = (Zip code in the District of Columbia area) State = USA. This will display your work experience post coming from District of Columbia but also in a search from Minnesota due to the fact you selected USA as your state. But, you must list the correct Zip and City name so the mapping application displays your location correctly.

  • Specific State Posting; select the state you would like to work in from the drop down state menu in your work experience post.
  • Any State National Posting; select United States of America from the drop down menu.

Employers can search nationally and by state.

If no state is selected our site defaults to national search or searching only posts from people listing USA as their state.

Employers that sign in will default to their state of choice or home state. They will then see only work experience posts that match their state as well as posts that are listing USA as their state.

The reverse USA search does not show individuals that listed by state.

This feature works well for those that are willing to relocate or travel for work.

Select State or USA for map search results.