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Job Seekers spend less time searching expired jobs, fake posts, posts made to cover EOE laws as well as resume collection recruiting posts that offer nothing other than weekly spam mail in return. In return your job search has to be active which means you must sign in at least once every month to have your job seeker account available to employers 24/7. We are doing our part, check your profile weekly for new job posts. We display job matches in your online work experience posts only. The demand for jobs is high, it's in many cases until filled which means when a good candidate applies for the job and given an offer the job is basically off the market. Get in the habit of searching for work weekly or even better, daily to find your next job.

Employers and Direct Hires find job seekers that are ready to work and not just job hopping. It's our goal to make sure our job seekers are active with their search so when you need workers, we have people ready to go. It's time to call it quits on five plus year old resumes, disconnected phone numbers and closed email accounts. We offer API XML inclusion for those that are running their own jobs style board. We include API in our yearly membership package with a one time setup. You will not find job seeker postings over 6 months and all inactive job seekers are moved from the system completely. Our numbers shown are active totals and will change as new job seekers join our site and our current job seekers find work.

It's time to take a new approach to the job search and job posting industry. It's time to stop talking about the millions of resumes and promote the hundreds or even thousands of job seekers that are actively searching. No need to dust off the resume here, we send you notices when it's time to clean house and if you're good you'll be back often enough to never let your information become just another static post on some massive website in hopes some HR person will read your 2002 resume post.

Hi and welcome to MnWorks, I'm Murray, your applications developer that is more than just a code writer. I have spent countless hours over the years helping people learn how to search for jobs online and in return those job seekers have shared with me what they would like to see from a Job Board. From editing and review to document formatting and conversion. I help those that are willing to help themselves and have done so without burden for years.

Employers that support and sponsor MnWorks by posting their job announcements are setup in our company pages and have a lifetime of HR services added to the mix. Any company that posts paid job announcements can view and download contact information and resumes from any of our active job seekers. We also allow messaging to any job seeker with a simple membership.

"One Job, One Person, One Task approach."

Time is very important to us all, we have to schedule our day so we can accomplish the tasks we have in hand.
We also need to plan for the future and create our own path of least resistance.

One Job, One Person, One Task approach is how I created this site and make it all come together.
I feel by developing a better way of doing things for both job seekers and employers I help the jobs market overall.

But this all doesn't come together and work without your job announcements or your work experience and resume uploads.

I look forward to working with you and will do my best to make your experience here at MnWorks.Net very rewarding.

Your comments, ideas, suggestions are always welcome.
(If you have a question please search the FAQ and Help page. It only takes 30 seconds to look for the Top 10+ questions.)

Murray W.
Programmer, Developer, Tradesman and General Laborer.

"It only takes a few minutes."

Murray W.
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