339. What work experience should I post?

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When you're asked, "What do you do" some of us give a generic title and a location as our response.

We expect you to give details of the work you did or currently do.
We need to be able to measure your work experience by time, training, testing, etc which you should clearly state in your post.

Cashier, you handle money, greet and assist customers and follow up with any concerns or questions your customer may have.
Your experience level is the length of time you have worked this position.
Your work experience covers, Customer Service, Money handling, Service Quality inquiry.

If you worked many different roles within the same company then you most likely have more experience categories you can fill.

Baker, you would prep, bake, box and manage the display cases, answer questions and take orders from customers just to name a few.
That would make your work experience, Food handling, Baker, Customer Service.

Welder, you may have had training on Arc, Tig and Mig and certifications in types of welding. Each is Welding but under different conditions you might have different types of welding, manufacturing, repair, construction if your welding falls under different conditions select the category and list the type of welding along with the conditions you worked in. (Not talking about dirty or clean talking about assembly line, on-site field, etc.

Auto Mechanic, Let's say you specialize in engine tune ups but you also change oil and lubricate vehicles. You may have certifications in AC as well as electrical but also do engine replacement. Each is different experience but all under the same category.
So list all your experience in one post starting with your strongest or most desired work experience.

Medical Office, listing experience you have gained from working in any type of office you often overlook the basics.
Word processing programs (aka Microsoft Office) can be from Word to Access Db and Excel formula's. Be sure to list your office skills, typing speeds, accuracy, etc. Think about what you do each day and take a one week segment.
Now details what you do from the time you walk into work to the time you leave.
Narrow down all the tasks you do that require special skills, experience, training or education and list them.
Place in order of what you like doing first and then describe that task and experience.

The key is to know what you do best and to place that information clearly into your job work experience post.

We want employers to be able to glance over your title and short description in under 5 seconds (under 250 characters) to get a good idea of your skill set and work experience. Then they will click on the details link to be able to read more about you and to download your resume if they are a subscribing member.

Listing work experience will also give you the opportunity to review your resume and update it accordingly.
Don't worry about the length for now, many of us have started off with 10 page resumes and narrowed it down to just 1 or 2 pages.
Depending on who you interview with some want a simple one page summary while others would like to see details, training, certifications, classes and more. Be ready to offer both types at any time.

Be sure to put the effort into your future and not skip over details.
Your job search starts from you, don't expect someone to give you a job without you first putting in allot of effort to land that job.

MnWorks.Net will help those that are willing to help themselves.

Don't be lazy or feel you need to get it done in one attempt.
Some very detailed posts go online in under 10 minutes where others may take hours to complete.

The internet will be here in the morning, start your postings, edit and upload your resume and review it every day for a week.
Add missing items and make it read better.
Remember, HR people and hiring managers typically browse over the "Title and Summary description" so make your first few lines attract their attention so they look for your resume.

If you need help writing or creating your resume find a work center in your area or a family member, friend, etc.

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