9. Never received an email after you registered?

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The major cause of not being able to sign in is the fact you never received the temporary password from us.

  • Reason: Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable
  • Typing error with email
  • Bad domain or host

Any number of issues can prevent our email server from reaching yours.

Because our email servers have been hosted by us, managed by us and service by us since 1996 we can say "We know our stuff" when it comes to exchange services and email.

So when you send a note and you don't hear back from us, check the junk mail box, spam mail settings and your ISP filters from Greylisting to SPF validation. (We use them all as well without issues)

Some ISP and server administrators are new and often do not set custom rules.

MnWorks.Net is now 17 years and mail.mnworks.net has seen 4 different server hardware and software setups that have been tested by us and by you day in and day out 24/7.

Part of the duties of server management is to read every email that comes in.
Your email is very important and that is why everyone gets a reply email. Except the Spam and Junk mailers.

If you have questions about not getting your email send a note and list a secondary email address like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail so at least we can reply.

(Those that run Greylists and have been contacted by me should learn to flag, whitelist, create rules and validate that your SPF tests are of standards.)

Example of email that is not going to make it.

Delivery for mnworks.net to xyz@someplace.com has completed (Bounced)

When a report shows "Bounced" and the cause is generic please do not use the same email to contact me about you not getting the email.

Use Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail to ask if your email was bounced.

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