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Project Management Customer Support Services Leadership Experienced project manager, solutions architect, customer support specialist with technical and leadership experience. Focused to provide customer service excellence using broad healthcare syst


Experienced as a support services manager, IT / technical analyst, senior project manager and solutions architect. I have extensive experience implementing and supporting complex IT based systems across multiple disciplines that involve, project planning, presentations, resource management, risk management, education and transition to support initiatives. I have strong people intelligence and communicate across diverse teams of different interests. Additionally I have an electronics/ instrumentation background am mechically inclined

I have:

  • Managed and lead multiple enterprise wide IT implementation projects initiatives involving cross functional departments and teams.
  • Solved complex project business, technical, and implementation problems.
  • Managed risk mitigation, complex issue resolution and contingency plans.
  • Monitored project progress, reviewed project trade-offs involving scope, timing, and resources.
  • Developed complex project plans, manage scope, establish milestones, to ensure that all teams have the proper information to make informed decisions.
  • Provided central project leadership and contribute as a subject matter resource.
  • Experienced with creating project WBS, defining critical path plans, milestones, verifying deliverable, resource allocations, and dependencies.
  • Drafted RFP, contract procurement processes, engaging multiple vendors and implementation partners to establish evaluation to those requirements.
  • Established budgeting, including estimates, forecasts, and actual-to-date data.
  • Implementation of technology development products systems and software products.
  • Experienced with data migration planning, system test and user acceptance test planning.
  • Application training and education planning and schedules.
  • Transition plan for go live and post-implementation internal support and 'go dark' workarounds.
  • Experience working with and managing vendors as part of a product development team.
  • Skilled at presentations, public speaking skills experienced successfully leading meetings and projects to fruition.
  • Knowledgeable in project management practices and implementing various methodologies.
  • Proficient at communicating, leading and keeping a positive attitude while working with a variety of personalities across an organization.
  • Experience managing cross-functional teams across different locations..


  • Salary:
  • Date: February 2 2017
  • Location: Moose Lake, MN

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