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Experienced Retail Sales Clerk and Bartender. Highly skilled in sales as well as bartending through social skills, confidence and experience.


Highly socially skilled, confident and well connected person.

Over 20 years experience in retail sales including owning my own company selling repurposed jewelry and antiques. My experience in sales includes high level duties such as organization of office, bookkeeping, taxes, orders, shipping and much more.

Over 5 years bartending experience including but not limited to event venues such as weddings. Some bar management experience including &ldquoLead Bartender&rdquo, &ldquoopening&rdquo and &ldquoclosing&rdquo as well as cash register balance/maintenance.

Over 5 years experience as a licensed realtor.

Over 15 years experience in Advertising Sales/Media Sales.


  • Salary:
  • Date: May 6 2020
  • Location: Stillwater, MN

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