• By: Murray Wennerlund
  • Published: 5-31-2011
  • Updated: 6-6-2023
  • #privacy
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Summary at a Glance
Job seekers should know how employers contact you via our MnWorks websites. The best method is to have your contact information in your resume. In fact a few have actually named resumes first name, last name, phone (no dashes) or email address.

When we developed the privacy sections of the MnWorks sites we took into consideration several things. Privacy regarding your email, telephone&nbspand last name as well as privacy for your resume. But at some point we need to allow employers access to your contact information so they can ask you to interview.

Here's how a member employer would contact you.

  1. View your work experience post and download from the drop down menu your resume.
  2. Using the MnWorks Messaging system they can send you a note requesting more information. You will receive a Email Job Alert and be able to view the employers message with their email address.
  3. Employers have access to your email address after first contact has been made by them.

Basically when employers login they can always find some type of contact method. We want to remind you to always follow up with offers even if you do accept an interview please reply to the employer and thank them for taking the time to contact you.

This works both ways and when we hear more than one person having problems contacting a employer or job seeker we jump in and ask why. If the job seeker is employed then we require them to delete their work experience posts or at least hide them from public view.

If the job has expired we remove them. If it has been filled prior to the closing date it's up to the employer to remove or hide them.

Communications is a requirement at the MnWorks sites. With your resume uploaded and your work experience posted you are sure to be contacted without delay when employers are interested.