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We have started to send out emails to members that have not signed on to www.mnworks.net in over 30 days.

The email is a friendly reminder asking you to cancel your account with MnWorks.Net once you are employed or have stopped searching for work.

MnWorks.Net doesn't promote itself by high member numbers, we look to keep our numbers low so we can manage and help job seekers and employers better.

Could you imagine a job site that promoted the total number of job seekers and thought greater numbers was better?

Or even worse... a job site that never removes expired or filled jobs or one that offers businesses republishing of closed jobs every six months. All this does is give job seekers false hope in thinking you might have found something great.

It's what we call "Real Numbers, Real Members".

Job Seekers

We hope you understand and see our point of view as we try to assist you. We look forward to seeing you return to work. At that time we ask job seekers to cancel their accounts.

We have found that Job Seeker Accounts that have had no activity or changes in 6 or more months are typically abandoned accounts.
If your account is over 6 months with no activity and 2 or more email notices have been sent from our system, we will first hide your account. Then at 12 months of no change, we will remove your account.

Policy updates reflect changes.


Employers and HR people feel the same way when they search hundreds of candidates only to find job seekers haven't been actively searching for months.

Business members: once you have subscribed your company page will remain online for as long as you have an account with us. You will also be able to access member documents at any time. Businesses are not required to sign in when not actively searching for employees.

Thank you

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