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I have 16 years of experience doing IT / Computer work.


I have been putting my computers together myself since I was 13. This includes taking a tower and installing a motherboard, cpu/processor, cpu fan, ram/memory, cd/dvd roms, power supply, hard drives, and graphics cards.

I also served in the Army National Guard from January 2010 to June 2013 as an Information Technology Specialist(25B). My training at US Army Cyber Center of Excellence included the following things. A+ (72 Hrs.), CCNA 1 (80 Hrs.), CCNA 2 (80 Hrs.), Microsoft Vista (24 Hrs.), Server 2008 (32 Hrs.), 2007 Exchange (24 Hrs.), SOLARIS w/CMD Line (32 Hrs.), SOLARIS Admin (32 Hrs.), VOIP (24 Hrs.), AIS (24 Hrs.), Security+ (74 Hrs.), CPN (68 hrs.), TIMS (40 HRS), BCCS (32 HRS), & M3 (Matrix Management Module) (72 Hrs.). Some of the VoIP programs we used were Call Manager and Call manager express. At my unit I was assigned to, my duties consisted of Help Desk, Monitoring the status of all our systems, setting up networking equipment and phones(VoIP), assisting with computer troubleshooting, and emergency response to systems going down or power outages.

I also have 2 1/2 years of a bachelor degree in IT completed thus far, some of the courses college covered included Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft programs/software, Adobe software, Linux Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, and a lot of what I already learned from the military.


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 6 2019
  • Location: Austin, MN

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