17 years of experience in selling and account management with large programs in the injection molded plastics and metals business. Responsible for closing injection molding and manufacturing programs with large OEM customers.


November 2, 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very interested in a Sales or Account Manager role. I have over twenty years of experience in sales and account management which helps to prove my qualifications and background. I have worked in sales since early in my career, and am knowledgeable in customer relationship management, sales quota, identifying customer needs, and conducting quarterly reports. With this background, I am skilled at research and prospecting to identify key decision makers and their contact information, attracting new clients, negotiating agreements, and giving in person or online presentations to prospective customers. I made sure I provided excellent service for the best experiences for my clients. In addition, my effective communication and negotiation skills have allowed me to close deals with clients very efficiently, hitting quarterly quotas and exceeding sales milestones.

In the majority of my previous positions, I have had experience working with multiple clients and projects at once. It was my job to make sure I developed a strong relationship with my clients, ensuring I understood their needs and was able to negotiate effectively when necessary. On a regular basis, I managed my client requests, design new marketing strategies and proposals, and facilitate communication on my team. I work very hard to understanding my clients and their businesses very well, addressing their needs and challenges by proposing unique and innovative solutions. My role in sales and account management has truly sharpened my verbal and written communication skills with clients, ability to maintain client relationships, and capability in generating effective solutions on strict time constraints.

Throughout my career with the roles and responsibilities I have held I have developed strong relationships with my clients. My &ldquoright now&rdquo responsiveness and dedication, along with my trained business background, has allowed me to close deals effectively and manage my client relationships very well. With my outstanding skills and experience I believe that I would be a great fit in a Sales, Account Manager or similar role within your organization.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you and discussing this further at an interview.


Kirk Hankins

1527 Castle Drive

North Mankato, MN 56003


Cell: 507-327-2850


1527 Castle Drive

North Mankato, Minnesota 56003

(507) 327-2850

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27 Years of Exceptional Sales And Account Management Performance

17 years of experience in selling and account management with large programs in the injection molded plastics and metals business. Responsible for closing injection molding and manufacturing programs with large OEM customers such as ATK, BAE, 3M, Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, and Groschopp (Whirlpool).

10 years experience in selling contract design and electronic assembly services to OEM customers.

Responsible for closing $5+ million dollar programs with Select Comfort, PeopleNet Communications.

Strong account management skills, skilled in transforming customer relations to that of a valued business partner.

Very effective at prospecting and cold calling. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, able to build and sustain effective customer relationships. Excellent computer skill set. Additional areas of expertise and personal characteristics include:

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[if !supportLists] · [endif] Highly Motivated & Enthusiastic

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Honest

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Positive Attitude

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Persistent

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[endif] [if !mso & !vml] [endif] [if !vml]

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[if !supportLists] · [endif] Business Development

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Pricing & Proposals

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Market Opportunity & Competitive Analysis

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[if !supportLists] · [endif] Consultative/Solution Selling

[if !supportLists] · [endif] "Right Now" Responsiveness

[if !supportLists] · [endif] National Accounts

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Skilled & Persuasive Presenter


Corporate Sales for Deluxe Plastics (Clintonville, WI) June 2020 &ndash Current

Sales Representative for Wadal Plastics (Medford, WI) August 2014 &ndash June 2020

Sales Representative for Spectrum Plastics Group (St. Louis Park, MN) November 2011 &ndash August 2014

Farley Sales Group

Sales Representative for Phillips Plastics Corporation (Hudson, WI) October 2004 - September 2011

Farley Sales Group

Responsible for sales in the Midwest territory spanning several states for Phillips Plastics, Spectrum Plastics, Wadal Plastics and Deluxe Plastics. Aggressively pursue and capture new business opportunities and oversee account management for existing customers.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Frequent travel and/or online sales presentations via Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams with potential customers throughout the Midwest. Delivered innovative solutions based presentations to program, engineering and supply chain managers.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Proven results in securing major contracts with large OEM accounts.

Key Achievements

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] Captured a multi-million dollar injection molded plastics program with VB Seals / Tracer Imaging for Wadal Plastics / Deluxe Plastics&hellipone of the Company's top 3 programs in part volume and sales dollars.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] Created and presented a highly effective solutions based sales portfolio which highlights truly innovative technologies and solutions &ndash lost core injection molding and super conductive molded plastics.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] During the first 18 months at Spectrum Plastics succeeded in closing production molding programs with ATK Armament Systems, BAE Systems &ndash Land and Armaments, Cobham Mission Equipment, Honeywell FM&T and Interconnect Devices.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] Captured the highest volume program ever at the Phillips metal injection molding plant with Ingersoll Rand / Schlage Lock.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] First salesperson ever to capture a multi-million dollar production program with 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division in St. Paul.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] First salesperson to sell a production program to the aviation market (Cobham) for Phillips MIM.

[if !supportLists] ü [endif] Sold the highest sales dollar program (LSI Logic) in 10 years at Phillips Magnesium plant

Vice President of Sales May 1994 - October 2004

Winland Electronics, Inc.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Responsible for closing the two largest contract manufacturing programs (Select Comfort / PeopleNet) in the company's history.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Developed and implemented a nationwide program for direct sales to dealers in the security products industry. Over 3000 dealers were involved in the program.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Initiated and implemented unique sales promotions.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Active sales role with frequent travel to key prospects and existing customers alike

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Served on the Company's board of directors.

Vice President of Marketing February 1989 - April 1994

Winland Electronics, Inc.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Conceptualized and implemented marketing plans which included all targeted distribution channels, media and product strategies.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Planned and exhibited at dozens of regional and national trade shows in multiple industries.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Responsible for marketing budget and formulating sales forecasts

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Active sales role with frequent travel to key prospects and existing customers alike.

Vice President 1986 - 1989

Playtronics Corporation

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Managed all phases of the business operation. Responsible for the successful development and implementation of all sales, technical service, customer service, and corporate policies as required to meet the business needs of a start-up company. The company's sales grew from zero to $800,000 in the first two years.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Served on the Board of Directors.

Marketing Manager 1983 - 1986

Winland Electronics, Inc.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Experienced in writing corporate press releases, annual reports, quarterly 10Q and year end 10K reports.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Responsible for all copy writing for catalogs, brochures, and installations instructions.

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Wrote the copy which was incorporated into the packaging design for 15 new products

[if !supportLists] · [endif] Responsible for creating and implementing the Company's marketing plan.

Graduate Assistant 1982 - 1983

Mankato State University

Head Swimming Coach 1982 - 1984

Mankato USS Swim Team



Mankato, Minnesota

Masters of Business Administration

Area of Concentration: Marketing


Mankato, Minnesota

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

Major: Business Finance


Private Pilot, Swimming, SCUBA Diving, Reading, Fishing, Hunting


Available upon request


  • Salary:
  • Date: November 5 2021
  • Location: NORTH MANKATO, MN

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