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Manage front of house and back of house visual operations for a multi-million dollar retail store.


I have worked in retail for a total of 8 years. Six of those years, I have been part of a management team.

The most recent company that I worked for over the last 3 years was a large, well known multimillion dollar company. My responsibilities were to oversee and maintain all of the visual standards in that 1200 square foot store. Due to an understaffed management team, I also stepped up and handled the duties of an assistant manager.

General management duties:

  • open/close the store
  • open/close the registers and back office
  • oversee open/close duties of stylist
  • onboard new employees
  • interviewing and hiring
  • payroll
  • scheduling
  • recruit new hires

Visual Back of house duties:

  • accept and check in shipment
  • process and sensor shipment
  • oversee stock team
  • maintain company standards of the stock room
  • general cleaning and organizing of stock room
  • size and replenish the sales floor

Visual Front of house duties:

  • plan and execute rig and floorset to company standards
  • replenish and maintain product on fixtures
  • clean fixtures and maintain visual appeal
  • train new employees on product knowledge
  • train new employees on visual standards
  • train new employees on sales floor replenishment
  • move product and fixtures to accomodate sales and traffic


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 15 2016
  • Location: Big Lake, MN

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