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Served in the restaurant. Worked with the manager and other staff. Provided beverage service and served food. Responsible for clean up of section after the shift.


As a server, I was responsible for greeting the customer and creating a pleasant connection. After explaining the menu, I would take drink orders and food orders, if they were ready. As the drinks and food were ready, I would bring them to the table and ask if they needed anything else. I would check on the table periodically and bring anything else that they needed. After clearing the plates and glasses, I brought the check and thanked them for coming.

At the end of each shift, we were responsible for cleaning our section and also replenishing condiments, silverware, straws, and other supplies. We checked with the manager prior the checking out.


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 30 2021
  • Location: Moorhead, MN

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