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Design complete electrical systems for industrial and commercial equipment and processes as well as the associated controls.


From my time at Chart Industries

  • AB Compactlogix PLCs
  • AB Micro 800's
  • Horner XLE and XL7
  • Vijeo Citect PC base HMI
  • Red Lion HMI's
  • Conversion of an ancient GE PLC to AB Compactlogix
  • Mechanical and Electrical design for a custom X Ray imager carriage and shutter
  • Creation of networked welding datalogger system using Horner XL7
  • Archeological Engineering of the following:
    • GE PLC for the X Ray
    • Cold Stretch Process using Compactlogix and Vijeo Citect HMI
    • Water recovery systems using Horner XLE
    • XRay booth conveyor system using compactlogix
    • round tank shell automated welding system using Siemens Step 7 and writted in German
  • Creation of electrical schematic, wiring diagram, control panel assembly for Gantry mounted welder
  • Electrical and mechanical modification of existing gantry mounted welders
  • Electrical troubleshooting and intervention to support manufacturing
  • Designed and built electrical system for a batter powered cart to move shell sections around the plant
  • Upgraded and modified a PLC control cart to use cable reels instead of an energy chain, saving plant floor space.

Skills from my time at AmClyde Engineered Products (NOV)

  • Power Schematics
    • Incoming transformer sizing
    • Switchgear and MCC specifications
    • Distribution and lighting panels
  • Control Schematics
  • Ethernet based networks-recently added in the last 5 years
  • Profibus based networks
  • Remote I/O-experience with Beckhoff, Rockwell, Siemens( to a much lesser extent)
  • Outdoor facility electrical design
  • Outdoor installation in an offshore marine environment
    • Control panels with sensor, remote I/O, power supplies, heaters
    • Junction boxes with terminal blocks
    • Floodlighting 400-1000W high pressure sodium or mercury
    • Cabling for power and control
    • Cable tray sizing and layout
  • Operator cab electrical assemblies
    • Control consoles
    • Touchscreen design
    • HVAC system design
  • Machinery Electrical Assemblies
    • 800-1000HP motor specification and installation
    • RTD feedback
    • Motor heaters
    • Motor encoders
    • Absolute encoder installation
    • Proximity land limit switch installation
    • Solenoid control
  • General facilities electrical design
    • Cable tray sizing, layout and installation
    • Lighting sizing, layout and installation
    • Electrical equipment layout
  • Electrical Room Design
    • VFD cabinet installation
    • Control connections
    • Power connections
    • MCC installation
    • Distribution panel installation
  • Collector rings
    • Sizing
    • Specification
    • Connections
    • Installation
  • Cable sizing and selection
  • PLC programming
    • Controllogix 5000
    • SLC 500
    • Siemens TiaPortal (much lesser extent)
  • HMI programming
    • Rockwell factorytalk View Studio
    • Siemens WinCC
    • GE Proficy ME
  • Familiarity with Rockwell 700 series VFD's
  • Familiarity with ABB800 and 880 series VFD's
  • Working knowledge of NEC and IEEE45


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering- North Dakota State University 1985
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering- University of Minnesota 1997

Previous experienc

  • Helicopter Pilot with the US Navy 85-92
  • Maintenance supervisor at Armour Swift Eckrich 92-93
  • Statistical Engineering at Seagate 97-98


  • Salary:
  • Date: June 5 2020
  • Location: New Prague, MN

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