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Traveled to customer sites to instal and maintain a variety of computer, printer, and server type equipment.


Keep the IT infrastructure running at top performance levels by managing systems, servers and programs at a large, remote data hub. Safeguard information security and system availability by monitoring performance and effecting repairs as needed to maintain 100% reliability. Leverage knowledge, leadership and expertise to coach colleagues on troubleshooting, root cause analysis and repair methodologies.

  • Increased average productivity 33% by leveraging technical aptitude and exceptional attention-to-detail to inspect, identify and repair defects and delivering more value to the customer.
  • Facilitate productivity across the enterprise by assisting users as a service-oriented help desk professional and perfecting audio-only guidance techniques to resolve issues with minimal down time.
  • Replicated success formula by creating How-To videos and posting to dedicated to YouTube channel, allowing users to resolve application and other issues without tapping corporate resources and expense.
  • Add value to the contract by utilizing expertise for other clients such as Wells Fargo, Life Touch, etc., and perform crucial maintenance functions with minimal disruption.
  • Maintain equipment peak efficiency by applying acute repair and calibration skills to solder, replace, trace electrical and network function issues and test each system to ensure performance meets specifications.
  • Establish continuity by thoroughly documenting action and maintaining detailed records of repairs, calibrations, tests, and save in protected drive files for shared access.
  • Saved troubleshooting time by testing faulty equipment such as servers, HDs Storage, memory, network equip, desktop, PCs, MACs, using appropriate test protocol to diagnose and determine most cost-effective solutions.
  • Support robust network and system performance by correctly installing hardware/software and remaining available to orient users to new changes and ensure performance meets expectations.
  • Prolong hardware component life by diagnosing issues in modems, printers, cables, or telephones and update support-ware and/or repair item for extended service life and reduced costs.
  • Enable off-site work by performing in-home setup of computer and other systems along with proper connectivity that allows field reps and other crucial stakeholders to be closer to the customer.


  • Salary:
  • Date: May 18 2020
  • Location: Bloomington, MN

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