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Creative, experienced and highly motivated retail/training manager with over 20 years of proven expertise and results in a high end multi-level setting. Solid experience in merchandising, payroll and scheduling, sales, profitability, recruitment, training


I currently am a department manager for a high end retail store. My job duties include training and developing my team to become top performers in sales as well as managing the execution of approved programs building strong team/client connections. I am highly organized with an ability to prioritize multiple tasks across multiple projects simultaneously. I keep up with current trends and utilize this knowledge when putting out daily shipments and creating appealing visual statements inviting customers into the department to shop. By analyzing department sales and knowing popular trends, I can create eye catching mannequin statements which compel customers to purchase the outfit currently featured. My fellow managers see me as a peer advisor and leader, often coming to me with any problem solving or troubleshooting situations that arise. My job is viewed as a customer service manager as well. I enjoy training my team to transition customers from a positive sale to an active customer with a returning agenda thus building an outstanding repeat client relationship I embrace change. By welcoming new processes to improve and further develop current strategies, I believe a good manager can be a resourceful role model as well as a future ambassador for the success of any company or team.


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  • Date: May 3 2020
  • Location: St Anthony, MN

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