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Oversee coordination of order flow from delivery creation to distribution of pick tickets to Warehouse Supervisors. This process includes, but is not limited to, transfer order printing, sorting, stamping, and shipping products by urgency.


Printing Pick List tickets, Run SLP ( Selection Library Process) & manipulate files and upload to BOX/File for Midpoint Warehouse
Printing, scanning, and uploading Amazon ASE, eBay, and Walmart packing slips to box for Midpoint Warehouse
Creating ASN's (Advance Shipment Notice) on Amazon Marketing websites and upload the file to MMH FileVista
Printing Credit Memos
Download tracking files, manipulate files and import into Elan, confirm orders and Invoice orders.
Mailing/Emailing of Books and Marketing credit invoices
Books and Marketing back order Letters
Books and Marketing Inventory Adjustments, Purchase order entry and purchase order receipts
Document Retrieval for legal and financial credit team and clients
Inventory receipts and reductions of Publications in Stock
Answering queries for Books/Marketing and publications and claims
Open mail, scan checks and documents for UBM Financial Team, Deposit Checks into UBM Wells Fargo account and balance daily
Research credit card charge back for financial service and obtain proof of delivery and original order for them to send to credit card company
Publish purchase orders via shipper number on Snap on website using tracking number, shipping method, and expected date of delivery
Confirm fulfilled orders on Amazon ASE as shiping using tracking number and ship date for each order
Mark shipped orders as complete on eBay and Walmart by entering tracking numbers and shipping methods
Scan paid publications orders and upload to box or Chennai SFTP. Update Paid sheet and balance daily to Elan reports
Scan books orders received from customer service, by mail, and email and upload to the box or Chennai SFTP for order processing paid team
Scan Free publication work and upload to the box and update work allocation sheet for free order processing team
Special requests from clients
Running Inventory Value by warehouse report and uploading the box weekly
Running the Inventory below reorder point report and uploading to the box weekly
Books and Marketing Inventory Reporting
Books and Marketing Setup or Reorder Points and Reorder Level Entry in Elan
Prepping and Scanning of IMS show work and special projects


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  • Date: March 2 2020
  • Location: Duluth, MN

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