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Landowners who offer the state a conservation easement receive a payment to stop cropping the land. This easement is recorded on the land title with the county recorder and transfers with the land when the parcel is sold.


AutoCAD and ArcGIS used to draft maps and help with writing legal description to be recorded along with conservation easement.

WORD used to write legal description, agreement, easement, etc.

EXCEL spreadsheets used to track easements and for reporting purposes. Also to export data from database for graphics, reports, etc.

SWIFT state accounting software used to set up vendor numbers and to the encumber funds and make payments to that vendor.

Review, analyze, and approve application for enrollment in easement programs to ensure that they comply with program requirements.

Interpret and analyze statute, rule, program policy and procedure as applies to each application under review.

Prepare easement acquisition legal documents provide written explanation of problems with easement offerings including proper explanations of the steps necessary to finalize the easement information to all clientele including instruction and guidance on how to proceed with easement transaction.

Review conservation plans for accuracy and process reimbursements requests.


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  • Date: January 27 2020
  • Location: Saint Paul, MN

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