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Excellence in patient care relations and support. Offer extensive experience, skills, knowledge and success as a Medical Assistant


Laboratory Unit Coordinator (Outpatient Outside Orders Services:reviewed and entered laboratory orders as created by authorized providers into EHR following set criteria, familiar with and followed regulatory and compliance policies as established, worked closely with several service areas to ensure various policies and procedures were established, scheduled laboratory appointments, worked closely with other scheduling service areas, answered phones, managed in-person visits to determine best care for scheduling needs or requests to accommodate busy schedule, routed results, maintained and audited communication log and patient orders, provided patient support).

Medical Laboratory Assistant:

Clinical Diagnostic Testing/Specimen Collection (phlebotomy)/Injections/Assist with procedures. Urine Drug Screen Collector /Trainer. Assisted providers in providing data for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, injuries, medical conditions, and prevention of disease by providing clinical testing and specimen analysis. Laboratory testing order entry and electronic review of laboratory orders as well as followed detailed instructions for performing and processing of various specimens encountered in a laboratory setting.

Drug Screen Collector/Trainer. Laboratory Safety Officer. Lab Receptionist. Radiology & EKG Technician. Pharmacy assistant. Receptionist duties at computer firm: data entry, prepared legal forms and business related correspondence, created newsletters and brochures. Clinical Nursing (vitals, injections, procedure assistant)

Computer Programs/EMR/LIS: Allscripts, EPIC, Excellian, Google Docs, LabDaq, Meditech, Microsoft Office.

Developed and managed specific laboratory manuals and led training for Blood Borne Pathogens, Chemical Hygiene & Exposure Control Plan, Workplace Violence and Safety, MSDS, Outside Order Process/Procedures, Reference and Resources for clinic laboratory front desk.

Skillful and precise in performing in the areas of patient scheduling, communication, and customer service: managing multiple phone calls, faxing, emails, created well-organized, efficient and effective method for interdepartmental communication and logs. Established patient first priorities as well as actively processed the importance of discipline and dedication to task prioritization. Working independently, with little supervision, is of great value and built confidence and the ability to problem solve and improved making well, thought out decision making skills. Respectfully acknowledge others&rsquo expertise and effectively communicated and reaching out to managers, supervisors and colleagues for their expertise in challenges.

Share enthusiasm for fun and a culture of positive attitudes in a professional setting. Adaptable and outgoing. Advocate for motivating team building skills and building each other up. I love people. Dependable and trustworthy, Highly values of integrity, determination, and patience. Praised and recognized for sincere display of empathy. Possess excellent patient-relations skills - known for providing a calm, caring, compassionate language and having a gentle touch. Trusting ability to alleviate patient anxiety. Provided patient education as well as being an advocate for the patient.

Researched and rapidly solved problems by learning how to find relevant information in a timely manner in order to aid in completion of documentation for accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. Assisted and completed billing and coding related projects ahead of deadlines. Developed an effective written and verbal communication plan with patients, service providers, staff and team to rebuild positive client trust relations to prevent future, recurring issues with provider orders, scheduling, and billing.

Mastered the on-going &ldquocleanup&rdquo of departmental files, databases, and operational files. Attention to detail, using time-management and contributing critical and analytic skills helped with success. Solid experience with the various components and rules allowed using resources to re-cap many charges that would have otherwise been consumed by the organization for laboratory testing services due to missing elements. Maximized reimbursement by ensuring accurate ICD-10 diagnostic codes and CPT billing codes and regularly conducting quality audits of laboratory orders to ensure orders met quality and compliance requirements.

Medical Records Management, EMR/EHR, LIS, by entering accurate results and providing effective communication. A keen eye for spotting flaws and errors aided in researching relevant information needed to complete documentation for accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. Hold a high regard for patient privacy (HIPAA) and providing detailed, accurate information.


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  • Date: January 17 2020
  • Location: Glencoe, MN

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