Maintain adequate staffing by recruiting, hiring training, terminating and supervising all on-site staff. Lead facility management staff in all aspects of daily operation. Adhere to state and federal laws for HWS licensure. Promptly respond to residents.


Responsibilities and Knowledgeable Areas:

  • Preparing Annual Budgets
  • Yardi CRM, Eldermark systems, Point of Care
  • Conducting daily walk through of facility to ensure cleanliness
  • MN Fair Housing Laws
  • Vulnerable Adult Reporting
  • Interviewing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Resident Leasing Process
  • Survey Process
  • Completion of Educare compliance training
  • Public speaking: conducting resident and staff meetings
  • Emergency Procedures Training and Enforcement. I successfully completed a 75% evacuation in September of 2018 due to a tornado.
  • Empower employees through routine visits and active engagement.
  • Meet with leadership team weekly to reach occupancy goals.
  • Conduct daily stand-up meetings with leadership team to facilitate consistent communication and goals.
  • Work with county case manager for Elderly Waiver residents on change of status and monthly billing.
  • Collect all rents and apply towards monthly statement
  • Tour and educate families/potential residents of the benefits of Senior Living.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Strategically manage sales and marketing for successful lead-driven events.
  • Code all purchase orders and approve invoices
  • Provide monthly meetings with owners and stakeholders
  • Experienced in all areas of the Director of Marketing


  • Awarded by Rochester Women's Magazine as Rochester's 2015 Business Woman of the Year
  • Awarded by Employer with a Leadership Achievement Award for Emergency Evacuation following a tornado in September of 2018.
  • Appointed by corporate office to serve a two-year term as a committee member that responsible for employee retention and honoring employees on a job well done.
  • Appointed by corporate office to train Director of Marketing new employees.
  • In 2014, during a Director of Marketing position I was responsible to maintain 100% occupancy while simultaneously serving two additional positions at another community as an Interim Campus Director and Interim Director of Marketing Role for three months. My home-based community remained at 100% occupancy for 18 rolling months.
  • In 2013 I served as an Interim Marketing Director for 6 months while simultaneously serving my position as Director of Marketing.
  • Founded Rochester Marketing Director's Group which is now known as the 'A-Team.'
  • Worked closely with the Parks and Recreation Department alongside the J.A. Wedum Foundation to assist with vision of Cascade Lake and Park in Rochester, MN.

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