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In this position I worked under a Community Expert License providing services including developing curriculum, writing Individual Education Programs, conducting evaluations, updating equipment, scheduling meetings and working with the educational team.


Along with deaf and hard of hearing students I also worked with students who are deafblind. I am fluent in American Sign Language and have intervener training to work with deafblind students. I spent three yeas working in as the Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing including deafblind students. I have experience using online educational software call Spedforms to input records and forms for each student. I worked with Google online software to write word documents, forms, spreadsheets, share documents and provide slide presentations. I developed student curriculum according to individual student needs including self-advocacy skills, audiological equipment needs, language needs including spoken English and American Sign Language. I traveled throughout the school district providing services one-on-one. This was a fast paced job working under timelines to complete written plans, evaluations, progress reports, set up and run parent meetings, order supplies and equipment and work with numerous educational team members to ensure quality educational services to each student.


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  • Date: September 17 2019
  • Location: Grand Rapids, MN

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