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Use Marketing information and analysis to improve and adapt marketing strategies. Manage 4 employees and over 20 Independent Contractors. Manage budgets and participate in business distribution logistics of the publication.


In each of these positions I held, I was responsible for data research, running analytical queries, filtering and the analysis of complex data. There were high expectations to create and maintain very accurate and thorough reports for such things as sales reports, inventory reports and vendor managed inventory reports. Other data collection and reporting information included Information on Quarterly business review reports, creation by customer, sales rep, and NSI entity. Gross profit margin analysis by customer division, product category, and product life cycle were also queried to effectively quantify production efficiency and maintain sound profits. These documents consisted of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, DTI and were generated by systems such as AS400, and Manage 2000. *The data reports often times went to all levels of the customer and internal management teams. As correspondence with the client is essential, I would often times correspond with my clients on a daily basis, and this might consist of telephone calls, conference calls, or emails. When providing information via email or letter, I like it to be formatted and transcribed in a professional and articulate manner and also consist of specific and detailed information that allows the reader to have all of his/her questions answered. Note: I am Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, Manage 2000 & AS400 manufacturing order processing software programs, and various Internet search engines and e-mail programs.

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