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Seventeen years of record keeping and inventory experience skilled at customer service, product knowledge and organization.


For seventeen years I worked in the swine industry. Ten of those years I was the Site Manager. This required me to keep accurate records on a daily and weekly basis on inventory of swine, meds used, days of treatments, loses and room temperature control. At different stages the feed would change so records were kept and reported on that. Any supplies needed, be it medicine, syringes, or for office and shower rooms, were ordered by me. Any minor repairs to equipment I usually did. Bio security is very important in that industry so I made sure the sites stayed clean throughout that cycle of swine but also did the pressure washing and disinfecting of rooms.

I am also a Mary Kay Consultant which requires inventory, product knowledge, budgeting and constant education.

For the last six years I have been President of the MN Ch 1 Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc, State Department 3rd VP and the Veterans Administration Volunteers Service Representative (VAVS). This requires organization, reporting and people skills.


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  • Date: August 26 2019
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