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I am a motivated administrative professional skilled at building strong working relationships with fellow staff, supervisors, and community members. I am a self-starter and independent thinker accomplished in office management. Superior time management.


I am an experience administrative professional. I have extensive training in customer service. I also have a certification in quickbooks accounting from the university of UMD. I am trained in accounts receivable and payable. I have done billing as well as collection calls. I am proficient in answering multiple phone lines. I have also used google calendar to schedule multiple employees daily tasks. I have use routing software to schedule more than five employee daily route and stops. I have to be in contact with those employees to give directions and other to give them other critical information they needed. I worked at the Duluth YMCA and after six months I was promoted to the office manager of the Camp Miller office. I was in charge of tracking campers and their fundraising efforts. I also determined scholarships for low-income or campers in need. I managed multiple databases of the various camps and what camper where going to which. Also any special needs that certain campers might have . I answered multiple phone lines. I handled parents that were unhappy and any complaints. I update their outdated computer programs and implemented more productive and more easily accessible camper programs. When I worked at the McGregor Chamber of Commerce I within the first week reorganized all the old records that were not computerize. I took over the office with two days of training. I planned and organize large community events, one that draws over 5,000 people yearly. I selected vendors applications and planned were they would I have also been an elected city official in my town. I&rsquove had to make critical decisions that effected my community. I implemented a community emergency response group that addressed various needs of the community that were lacking. I started a yearly community clean up that is still in effect to the day. I was part of planning a city wide sewer system that offered a city wide system that was implemented and very successful. I was individually responsible for fundraising for the annual fireworks which I personally raise $5,000 in two weeks to insure the annual fireworks could continue as usual. My success in that venture was actually featured on the front page of the local paper. I take a lot of pride in my work and always give my best and have very high expectations of myself and the work that I do. I give a 100% and am always looking for ways to be better. I take instruction well and and very open to a supervisors advice on how to be better at my job and how to excel my position.


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  • Date: August 26 2019
  • Location: Tamarack, MN

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