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Consistently provide assistance to primary account holders with sales, order entry, problem solving, shipping requests, return material authorizations RMAs, daily monthly reports, billing and accounting inquiries/reconciliations, and all scheduling



  • &ldquoCustomer First&rdquo award given in recognition for providing consistent excellent customer service, logistical support, and problem solving experience for customers and DRC.
  • Consistently recognized for exceptional customer service and rapport with customers.
  • Responsible for the largest customers and revenue source of company for over eight years.
  • Earned accounts from Management to aid in problematic situations to improve relationships. Succeeded & acknowledged for excellence within 3 months time of taking over troubled accounts.
  • Commended for extraordinarily positive and dedicated work ethic.


  • Salary:
  • Date: August 21 2019
  • Location: Cokato, MN

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