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Staff chat line. Read incoming chat. Determine order number, past incident numbers, other numbers. Determine facts, actions, dates, times. Prompt system if mistakes /delays. Tell customers status, solutions. Check customer satisfaction. Document.


On-line skills. Receive pertinent information. Research patron and order history. Clarify reason for contact. In-house and out-house contacts during chat, as needed, either on-line or via telephone (credit department, shipping company). Documentation. Update chat status.

Communication skills. Apprise customer you know what they want and steps you are going to take. Check in often if it takes a while, like, "Are you still okay with staying on chat while I wait for Special Services to respond?" Resolve, even if the solution is that we can't do what he/she is asking for at this time, but we have a different option. Always have another option, even if it is not attractive, such as close this order and reorder, or check back in the Autumn when we might have an item available again.

Inner-staff stills: Get to know people and organizational trees. Know departments and company policies.


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  • Date: July 30 2019
  • Location: St Paul, US

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