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Greet customers in person, telephone, fax or email. Determine customer need and direct them. Direct to the next step or physical area and give them a time before the following step. Explain these steps. Use computer, office machines in support.


Skills: Interpersonal. Project welcome. Listen to determine need and ask clarifying questions. Explain what you can do to help them move along in their process. Simply explain procedures in office. Offer options when possible.

Problem-solving. Listen to person's explanation of the problem. Try to clarify if necessary with restatements or a few questions. Identify options to the person. Example, "You can wait to see if she can squeeze you in between appointments, and there may be a significant wait time, or I can schedule an appointment for you." Empathize if the person can not have what they want at the time they want it. Get assistance from other staff if necessary. For example, "I can call the building "lost and found" for you."

Technical skills: Answering the telephone. Routing calls. Answering emails and faxes. Booking appointments. Retrieving files.


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  • Date: July 30 2019
  • Location: St Paul, US

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