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Certified Surgical Technologist with 12 yrs experience in level 1 trauma, ortho, neuro, plastics, general, ent, gyn, cyst, pediatric, and burns. Adept in quickly preparing surgical suites per procedure and surgeon instructions. Expertise in sterile and as


&bull Securing/arranging equipment
&bull Creating sterile field
&bull Opening sterile supplies
&bull Scrubs/gowns/gloves
&bull Organizes sterile field
&bull Performs necessary counts
&bull Sterile skin prep

&bull Drapes
&bull Anticipates the needs of surgeon/assistant
&bull Passes instruments/supplies
&bull Maintains a tidy Mayo stand and back table
&bull Maintains sterility throughout the procedure
&bull Properly cares for specimen
&bull Performs closing counts
&bull Applies sterile dressings
&bull Breaks down sterile field
&bull Properly disposes of all sharps
&bull Prepares instruments for decontamination
&bull Disposes of all one-use items
&bull Turns over room


  • Salary:
  • Date: July 21 2019
  • Location: West Saint Paul, US

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