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Assist teachers with students with both physical and mental disabilities as well as behavior issues.


I have been the mother of disabled students for 22 years. I have worked with students in this capacity for nearly 4 years.One of my most important skills in this capacity is empathy and understanding. However, a measure of firmness and stability is also required. In these areas I feel that I have very strong skills, this helps me in working with all types of students as I am able to push them all to try things they were previously unwilling or believed themselves unable to do. Another skill that I believe is necessary in this position is a reasonable education or willingness to learn. In this capacity I am also well fit as I love to learn. For example I had a high functioning senior that I was assigned to and he was assigned a chemistry class. Though I possess a Bachelors degree, I had never even in my high school career taken a chemistry class. In order to help this student to benefit from this class I not only learned the subject, but was then able to break the equations and homework down into simpler step by step process that he was able to understand and created the necessary documents for him, his parents, and any substitutes I might have needed to be able to understand and help him through the processes. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to not only learn this new subject, but also the challenge of creating a way to simplify an otherwise very complicating subject for this child, who by the way ended up with an A in the class. The following year I was sought out by many students for tutoring in this subject. Another is example was a student from last year who was placed in a Biology class. This class was way above his current level of abilities, and with the permission of the Biology teacher and the Special Education teacher I created a new Biology curriculum for this student which helped him gain much more knowledge that was at his level of ability while still challenging him to learn more. The curriculum was created around an old special education Biology text book that the teacher had laying around. I created lesson plans worksheets test and quizzes around this text and was responsible for teaching and grading it and reporting back to the biology teacher every few chapters with the work and grades. This student was able to pass this curriculum with a B and the Biology teacher was very grateful that I was able to make these provisions for the student while she was able to keep her mainstream students on track with their more in depth lessons. In my capacity as a paraprofessional I have taken training in CPI, proper lifting and restraining techniques for disabled students, suicide awareness courses for both middle and high school children as well as elementary students through the SCRED training site. I am also PCA certified and have passed all state background screening tests.


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  • Date: July 14 2019
  • Location: Sandstone, MN

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