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Dispatch for police and fire for multiple agencies. Answer all emergency and non emergency telephone to assist and direct public, dispatch officers to calls via radio and cad, checks through local and state gov


I've. Bachlor degree in Sociology/Corrections. My main focus was Felony Adult probation and work of. With adults in Corrections setting. I'm versed in working in custody and court setting. My responsibilities included but not limited to direct supervision, probation, and report presenting to the court is sentencing. While working in the field I also dispatched 911 and supervised in custody. While dispatching my responsibilities included answering and directing all 911 and non emergent calls, radio communication with multiple agencies via radio and computer aided dispatch. I've experience working with state and federal agencies and am certified to enter, retrieve, and request info via BCA, CJIS, III, and NCIC. Work environment requires one to be able to multi task and be flexible in stressful situations.

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