With a grasp of European History in Philosophy of Science beyond the undergraduate scope, this Independent Public Intellectual takes a Critical view of the Cultural Terrain through Open Source Media guided by the Moral Philosophy of Kantian Metaphysics.


Current Industrial Education Interests:

Ergonomics and Motion Economy for daily practices. Etiology of Health. Active Lifestyles, Fitness Nutrition, Dieting and Exercise. CPR for Beginners and Intermediate. ERT &lsquoorder of operations&rsquo and Site or Deck Officer functions and responsibilities. Communication Protocols between Groups, Associates and Managers. Information Architecture and Design. Technical Writing and Investigative Science&rsquos &lsquobest practices&rsquo. Library and Arts Curation.

Current Academic Related Projects under Draft:

Late Childhood Reading and Writing grants for Workshop Publication among Group Participants (age 8-16) in their (Open) News Letter: Clarity, a young writers&rsquo coop and mentorship program out of Mpls-St. Paul sponsored by dedicated English Speaking Professionals, donating time and friendship to disparate writing projects by Participants in Biography, Discovery, Humor, History, Music and the Arts. English as a Second Language Coaching, goals and outcomes.

Academic Vita:

BA, major: Liberal Arts, concentration on technical communication, information architecture, classification and studies in/of philosophy and science, advanced composition. Graduated: summa cum laude 2011 from St. Paul, MN campus.


Classic&rsquos Culture Group interim President, Southwest MN State University Marshall, MN.


Student Body Government interim Chief Justice.


Community College PHI THETA KAPPA chapter interim President, Ridgewater CC Willmar, MN.

Rocking Chair Tasks:

Finish that Dictionary of all words in English with Latin Roots or elements of construction.

Finish &ldquo...&rdquo with Greek Roots &ldquo....&rdquo

F&rsquosh &ldquo...&rdquo with German R&rsquots &ldquo....&rdquo


  • Salary:
  • Date: June 25 2019
  • Location: Howard Lake, MN

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