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Ive worked for some Major Corporations such as: Wells Fargo All of southern MN, Target Target Super Centers, Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart Super Centers, Arbys Majority of MN locations including some locations in MI, Trader Joes, Caseys Gas Stations, Al


  • Updated software versions with patches and new installations to close security loopholes and protect users
  • Installed numerous motherboards, processors and graphics cards
  • Built and repaired PC's, Laptops, & Mac(Apple) computers according to schedule
  • Identified hardware issues caused by component failures using approved diagnostic tools
  • Implemented basic and some advanced techniques for conducting routine maintenance on servers and systems, keeping networks fully operational during peak periods
  • Backed up data each evening, helping alleviate lost information following malware incident
  • Configured computers to network drivers and connected to printers and other peripheral equipment
  • Upgraded laptops/desktops, improving speed and performance
  • Supported employees with advanced troubleshooting on help desk tickets
  • Installed appropriate security patches to eliminate security vulnerabilities
  • Configured new employee work stations, including all hardware, software and peripheral devices
  • Removed malware and viruses from laptops and desktop systems using specialized software
  • Documented repair processes and helped streamline procedures for future technical support actions
  • Disassembled computer systems to troubleshoot and resolve hardware issues
  • Observed system functioning and entered commands to test different areas of operations
  • Reviewed current hardware and software and recommended modifications to increase system speed
  • Consulted via telephone to understand user problems, run through testing scripts and ask probing questions to locate root causes
  • Responded to assistance requests from users and directed individuals through basic troubleshooting tasks
  • Assisted with $50,000+ installations of servers, Network Equipment, and Work Station upgrades completing entire projects on average 2 days ahead of schedule sometimes sooner
  • Explained technology-related details in easy-to-understand terms to individuals from all walks of life and in various job positions
  • Installed, configured, and setup PCs in all stores for optimal operation and reporting
  • Improved relationships with training organizations and school by remedying hardware and software issues with computers and various language labs
  • Conferred with vendors to obtain replacement hardware or software and escalate more complex concerns


  • Salary:
  • Date: June 21 2019
  • Location: Austin, MN

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