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I am a Computer Science student with an extensive background in IT and DevOps. I am most comfortable with Python, but I welcome the opportunity for any language or paradigm. I am currently most interested in CI/CD, Log Aggregation, and APM.


- Extensive experience installing/configuring/administrating the current Atlassian stack (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Bamboo).

- Extensive experience with an extremely wide variety of Linux/BSD distributions, Windows Desktop/Server versions released since 1992, and modern versions of OSX.

- Installing/Configuring/Administrating large enterprise Perforce installations.

- Migration of Perforce and Microsoft Visual Source Safe into Git (Bitbucket)

- Scripted creation/management of libvirt enabled virtualization systems using the python libvirt API.

- Experience using Flask to construct RESTful services

- Extensive experience acting as a liason between DevOps and both IT and Development/RnD.

- Agile evangelization and training.

- Log aggregation and Metrics collection using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana.

- Administrating enterprise Tomcat applications

- Extensive experience with QEMU/KVM virtualization, less experience with VMware products.

- Experience deploying Python/Flask applications inside of Docker.

- Experience installing/configuring/administering Postgresql and MySQL

- Some Java development experience

- Web Testing Automation using Selenium, Katalon, and some Groovy.


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  • Date: May 27 2019
  • Location: St Paul, MN

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