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Hard working, communicative, self-motivated, creative set builder, designer, decorator, and wood worker whose skills range from hero product styling to heating, plumbing and electrical work interior design to finish carpentry to film/video prop rigging.


Self-employed freelance set designer, decorator, and builder for the print and advertising industry for over 7 years. Assist creative director, art director, stylist and director with execution of creative vision and storyboards. Manage prop shopping and organization on high budget productions. Self-educated builder who has designed and built homes, barns, sheds, cabins, and porches from framing to finish work and decorating. Creative problem solver who builds and implements set stunts and theatrics. Skilled set builder degree in Theater with an emphasis in puppetry.

Previous experience for 10+ years as a Lead Inspector for the Sustainable Resource Center in Minneapolis. Tested houses for lead paint and other lead hazards. Analyzed and interpreted data and compiled reports. Educated property owners on lead hazards and enrolled them in lead abatement grant programs.

Currently also own and operate Medicine Creek Farm with my spouse. We raise grass fed beef and lamb and pastured pork using regenerative rotational grazing methods. We direct market to our customers primarily through our website www.medicinecreekfarm.com. Additional skills in animal husbandry, tractor repair, fencing, trenching, and land use management.

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