Innovative leader of people and processes in print and warehouse environments with over 20 years of consistent advancement in roles, responsibilities and impact. Committed to quality, continuous improvement and team empowerment.


Managed and developed large teams across a 24/7 production environment. Developed quality processes leading to greater than 99% quality year over year. Successfully led exempt, non-exempt and contractors to achieve exemplary results in delighting clients and customers. Led the innovation of promotional signs including redesigning manufacturing processes and weekly distribution to over 1,800 retail stores nationwide.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Development, implementation and reporting of performance metrics
  • Management Representative for ISO 9000 quality management system
  • Business Continuation and Disaster Recovery Plan owner
  • Safety Coordinator for two large facilities
  • New business implementation
  • Equipment justification


  • Salary:
  • Date: April 4 2019
  • Location: Brooklyn Park, MN

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