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I am responsible for accommodating the needs of the special ed. student population at an arts high school. I interact with faculty, student, and parent daily. I track progress reports, missing assignments, and student contact. I document meticulously.


In my current position at Perpich, I have been able to utilize my solid interpersonal skills. My personability and relatability to students and staff has served me well in this environment.

I have been a stable, reliable, and predictable adult in the lives of adolescents who have, in many cases, scarcely seen in educational environments or otherwise. As such, I have been able to contribute to the academic and social successes of the students that I serve.

My ability to accurately, reliably, and thoroughly document student progress, faculty contact, and incident reports has proven to be an asset to my superiors. My observation skills are keen. I have been able to recognize problems before they occur and I am able to rapidly troubleshoot resolving issues that do occur.I work well under changing demands and conditions and readily adapt to changing priorities. Additionally, in so doing, I do not sacrifice flexibility for stability or vice versa. I have proven to be an asset in crisis situations as well.

It has been rewarding to see young people move towards post-secondary goals and to have helped facilitate that progress. Though, it is not without its challenges. It has, at times, been difficult to see hard cases struggle to be resilient and adaptive. While this may be initially uncomfortable, I merely direct my efforts towards areas that I may have the most positive impact.


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 9 2019
  • Location: Golden Valley, MN

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