For the past 13years I worked as a Mover...5 of which as the main driver of a local Moving Company. I am in search of a change and more stability with the potential to advance within a company. I am CPR certified and I am also a fast learner.


As a Driver/Mover I drove a 24ft moving truck as well as loaded and unloaded furniture and other customer valuables. Providing customer service and assisting in room set-up. I have moved customers from their personal residences and businesses...some of which were across country. I loved the work but unfortunately the hours were not stable..especially in the Winter time.

Most recently I was hired by American Security as a 3rd Shift Patrolman/Security Guard. Unfortunately, things have changed a bit at home which will require me to be home overnight so I can no longer work that shift. Through this training I did become CPR Certified.

I also have experience as a Storeroom Clerk, Housekeeper, and Dietary Aid in a hospital setting. Versed on Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross Contamination.

I am by no means set on continuing in one of these fields. Very open to new things as I am a fast learner.


  • Salary:
  • Date: February 25 2019
  • Location: oakdale, US

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