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Manage and work with the following: ?? RDS servers and Broker with high availability. Troubleshoot RDS connectivity issues. ?? Domain controllers, and AD user accounts. Create AD users,and set permissions. ?? Exchange server 2016 Admin Center.


Attends on-going training for new applications, products, configurations, and processes. Strong understanding of
web technologies including HTML, ASP, NET, PHP, IIS, and IAS. Good knowledge of IIS, and IAS configuration
and administration. Troubleshoot Network related issues Router/PC/Wi-Fi and LAN. Accurately access, and records
problems in a problem management tool.
Demonstrate analytical problem solving skills by balancing the use of troubleshooting skills with a practical
application of experience, and creativity. Troubleshoot, and setup POS Windows XP systems. Worked with Server
2003 and up. Provide comprehensive second-tire support for efficient resolution of technology problems, and
requests for corporate-consumer end users. Provided Desktop support. Provided break fix support. Worked with
Cybex, and SQL 2005. Technology related degree or certificate, and 14 years experience with ongoing training. A+
Certified. Works independently on complex tasks with some technical, and management guidance. Worked with
DELL SAN, and PowerVault tool. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi.Stack and rack servers and switches. Experience with
network systems administration (UNIX, Linux, Windows 3.11-10, and Server 2000-2016). Experience in customer,
peer, and cross training. Helpdesk and remote support experience (Mac & PC). Installation and maintenance of
servers, software, peripheral and network. Troubleshoot printers.

Worked with all current Compellent controllers and enclosures. Worked with controllers SC 2000, 4000, 7000,
8000, 9000, and enclosures SC 200, 220, 280, 400, 420 and legacy enclosures.
?? Worked with networking typologies front end and back end. Also worked with OSI model to troubleshoot
?? Learned with Red Hat Linux CentOS 7 RHEL installation and commands. Learned BMC drain of controllers,
and pulling the canister on specific models.
?? Performed disk replacements on SAN'S, and checked for exact position, and then once drive was changed I
managed in disk as a spare then archived the other disk index, and then checked for raid extends on system.
?? Used putty to connect to a specific system controller, or switch.
?? Learned setup of ISCSI initiator, and MPIO setup in Microsoft Server 2012.
?? Learned setup and zoning of Brocade fiber channel switches, and WWN zoning configuration.
?? Worked with SQL 2012 on MS Server 2012 with databases that tied into Dell DSM-EM 2015-2016 R3 Data
?? Learned and troubleshooted fabric domains on switches, and network related issues that have occurred on
System Administrators systems.
?? Stacked and racked SAN in DataBank data center that Dell EMC has rack space for, and cabled SAN and
enclosures with SAS cabling and fiber channel to Brocade switches. Also connected iSCSI cables to front end
?? Worked with creating view volumes from replays in a step by step process to create the volume to restore data in
DSM-EM 2015-2016 R3.
?? Worked with Replay Manager, and troubleshooted issues with RMS. Troubleshooted issues with backups in
Replay Manager.
?? Learned Windows Server 2016, and learned Hyper-V VM setup and configuration.
?? Worked with System Administrators with configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
?? Learned configuration, upgrades, and troubleshooting on Compellent SAN storage controllers, enclosures,
Brocade fiber switches, SAS cabling, ISCSI cabling, Boot from SAN, Dell Storage Manager, MPIO, zoning,
CLI and commands, VMware 6, Linux, Networking, RAID, and lab racks for install and configuration.
?? Worked in a critical uptime environment that is a 24x7x365 Dell EMC support center for enterprise SAN

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