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I was the first person when guests walked in the front door. HandledtheneedHandled phones calls and directed those calls. Worked in billing, accounts receivable and payroll. Head housekeeper. Handled laundry and ordered supplies.


Customer Sevice: Worked the front desk and greeted guests when they came into the motel. Took reservations, cancelled reservations. Collected payment for the rooms and wrote the information into the daily ledger. I answered incoming calls and redirected those calls. Took messages. Ordered supplies for the motel. Placed stock when it arrived. Made copies. Sent faxes. Billing. Payroll. Communicated with Mgr about any issues about the motel.

Head of Housekeeping : In charge of other housekeepers. Made sure things were done to expectation. Cleaned guests rooms. Ordered housekeeping items. Stocked when arrived. Collected soiled linens. Washed, dried and folded. Communicated with Mgr with any issues dealing with housekeeping.

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