Following order instructions, I create, fabricate, and orchestrate a proper production flow of parts from initiating the molding process, removing unneeded attachments, fabrication or addition of inserts if required, examining for quality control.


Attention to detail is required from the first task of inspecting the mold for contaminants and insuring a safe work area, through the final stages of packaging.

Once I have determined the safe procedure required to follow the required steps in parts production, I may initiate the press to begin forming a new product.

During the press operation, I work with the previously crafted pieces that are in-line sequentially for sufficient, time sensitive, cool down procedures.

The most recently developed project will then be installed with hinge attachments, before the project becomes hardened to insure permenant adherence. Following, a flange is to be clipped off to provide a Smiths surface finish. After said fabrication, the part is to be placed on a convex surface, with clamps in all four corners for cool down. This fixes the attachment with a curvature necessary to correctly fit it's counter-part.

While the press is still in operation, and the previously sculpted parts are in proper placement, the coolest part can then be removed from it's face plate, and packaged in a manner prescribed in the order instructions, this provides a safe environment for our product.


  • Salary:
  • Date: January 7 2019
  • Location: Anoka, MN

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