Administrative tasks such as data entry, filing, following up with other departments, answering and making phone calls, strong communication with team members, clients 3rd partys, customer service, requesting and following up on needed documentation.


Incorporated a new Closing Coordinator position within our division, selecting the necessary steps in order to improve the loan process of getting loans to the closing department in a more timely manner minimizing errors.

Prepared, reviewed, and proofread confidential & time sensitive documentation.

Following company, state, and investor guidelines to remain in compliance.

Development and time management of pipelines, fully tracking key dates and milestones of 100+ loans daily. Planning and working ahead, ensuring efficient completion of required loan processes.

Strong communication with multiple team members in sales, production, and management along with 3rd parties along with the ability to work independently, throughout the loan process.

Subject matter expert of the Processing Assistant role to aid in the Operations Assistant role, developing job tasks and filing systems to ensure efficient and timely completion of loan processes.

Trained new employees in our organizations' platform, Encompass. Teaching navigation in order to utilize the resources necessary to complete the daily job tasks. Giving continuous feedback through positive affirmations and constructive criticism.


  • Salary:
  • Date: November 5 2018
  • Location: Coon Rapids, MN

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