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Massage therapist specializing in massage for the elderly, frail and dying.


I have worked for 8 yrs as a Hospice massage therapist. As a therapist I utilize my skills to offer comfort, pain relief, and touch to the dying. I have specialized training for hospice. It also requires collaborating with the rest of the team, both in meetings and out. Nurses, social workers, chaplain, aides and music therapist. I am skilled in 3 forms of charting, Epic, HCHB and Brighttree. I comfortable going into the patient's place of residence, home, facility etc. At times it may not even require a massage. I have done many different things while working such as cut people's hair, get snacks, look at photo albums etc., number one thing is listen to them if they are verbal. Whatever the persons needs for where they are at on their journey, it can be as simple as holding their hand.


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  • Date: October 2 2018
  • Location: Bloomington, MN

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